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Through our team we have identified 4 Service Levels, allowing tailoring to the specific needs of our clients, services are:

RISK MANAGER – We offer clients a risk manager that fits the minimum requirements of the regulations or who can provide a value-added service.

RISK SUPPORT – We offer clients a risk officer who will support the risk manager with the day-to-day tasks of measuring and monitoring the risk exposures of portfolios of the client.

RISK REPORT – We provide detailed reports on a fund’s major risk exposures (e.g. VaR, Scenario Analyses and Stress-testing, Liquidity Risk etc.). Furthermore, we can assist with the ANNEX IV reporting.

RISK ADVISORY – Independent risk management consulting by offering advice and assistance to our clients (who include investment funds, insurance companies, banks and other financial institutions).

In addition, we also provide Corporate Solutions to investment funds.



Under the AIFM and UCITS Directives, the fund manager can delegate its risk management function. By outsourcing the risk management function, the fund manager is ensuring that risk management is functionally separate from portfolio management thus allowing the fund manager to focus on its core business, i.e. portfolio management and trading. Furthermore, clients can benefit from cost-effective solutions that not only assist them with their risk management needs, but also result in significant benefits that will help to put their overall business on a much firmer footing.

RiskCap can assist AIFMs and UCITSs to put in place the required Risk Management Process incorporating investment risk as well as other key risks. This will be documented in the Fund’s risk management policy and other fund related documents. RiskCap’s team can monitor the fund’s key risks and performance indicators.



Considering the environment and the emerging requirements necessary to create a value-added risk management process, it would be advantageous for a client to outsource its risk management function to RiskCap to:

  • Review its risk management process;
  • Assist to establish governance at board levels;
  • Assist in defining risk limits;
  • Review and validate risk/pricing models as per regulatory requirements;
  • Identify and assist with any necessary disclosure as required by regulators;
  • Recommend and assist in the implementation of senior management systems and controls;
  • Assist with selection and specification of risk systems; and
  • Provide risk training to key staff and senior management including funds’ board of directors.

When a client delegates its risk management function to RiskCap the client will benefit from a team that:

  • Includes two fully qualified PhDs;
  • Has a mix of experience and academic background;
  • Is familiar with a wide range of asset classes and investment strategies;
  • Is able to transform data into information, thus promoting a greater understanding of risks and opportunities; and
  • Is recognised and approved by the Malta Financial Services Authority.


We believe that the better you understand and manage your risks,

the better your ability to safeguard your fund, allocate your portfolio

in the most effective way and benefit from opportunities more

quickly and decisively than your competitors.

– Dr Paul Magro, Managing Director